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Botanical Foray

We had a mystery flower out in the fen, so we had to go out and try to identify it, right?  It was cloudy and looked like it could threaten rain at any moment, but regardless, we piled into the … Continue reading

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Out in the Grasslands

It’s time to start exploring the grasslands, here and elsewhere!  Summer is in full swing and the grassland flowers are starting to bloom.  Along with them, the insects are out and about as well.  You just never know what you … Continue reading

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Grassland Wildflower Walk

Seven folks joined Gary and me for a grassland flower walk this morning.  It was a beautiful August morning – warm and humid in the fields, cool in the woods, with the occasional breath of wind to cool the sweat … Continue reading

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Blooms, Butterfly and a Bird

Last week, the Tuesday Morning Group met over at the Nan Weston Preserve out near Sharon Mills.  It was prime spring wildflower time, and although the morning was quite chilly, especially with the wind blowing, we found lots of flowers … Continue reading

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Glorious Autumn

It has been over a month since I’ve had time to go out on the trails, so this morning I joined up with the Tuesday Morning Walkers. Our fist stop was at one of the two giant faerie rings we … Continue reading

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First Spring Flowers are Up!

One of the very first flowers to bloom is skunk cabbage (Symplocarpus foetidus).  A member of the Arum Family, it is neither a skunk nor a cabbage. You can find skunk cabbage in damp areas along streams and wetlands.  It … Continue reading

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