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Out in the Grasslands

It’s time to start exploring the grasslands, here and elsewhere!  Summer is in full swing and the grassland flowers are starting to bloom.  Along with them, the insects are out and about as well.  You just never know what you … Continue reading

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Discover Dragonflies!

Today we had a wonderful guest speaker, Don Henise, present a terrific program on identifying dragonflies.  After an comprehensive indoor slide presentation, we hit the trails to look for dragon- and damselflies. I’ve done my best to label some of … Continue reading

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Field Work

It was Tuesday…time for another Tuesday Morning Walk!  This week Gary was meeting the group out in a field near Waterloo to look for grassland bird species. It was a lovely morning, although, as you can tell by what everyone … Continue reading

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Caterpillar Days

Already Carrie has been gathering monarch caterpillars – over 140 last I heard!  Butterflies are all over the place and they have been busy, for now we are finding all sorts of caterpillars around. This morning Gary came in with … Continue reading

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Return of the Hickory Horn Devil

Last fall, you may recall, we had a Hickory Horn Devil visit our offices.  We oooed and ahhhed over it, and stuck it in a jar full of soil, into which it promptly buried itself.  These enormous caterpillars over-winter as … Continue reading

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Glorious Autumn

It has been over a month since I’ve had time to go out on the trails, so this morning I joined up with the Tuesday Morning Walkers. Our fist stop was at one of the two giant faerie rings we … Continue reading

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On the Move!

Just a short while ago, Linda came into our office and said “can you see the bees?  They’ve swarmed.” Well, what self-respecting naturalist can stay indoors when hearing that?  Carrie and I grabbed our cameras and out we went. Sure … Continue reading

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