Helping the “Homeless”

We’ve been having some fun here at Dahlem.  The school season is wrapping up…plans are moving right along with the facelift on the old Sensory Trail (soon-to-be the Nature for All Trail)…the future Nature Playscape will be getting it’s first clearing…summer day camp is in the wings…arrangements are moving forward for the annual Birds, Blooms & Butterflies Festival in August…we’re going to be in the Rose Parade tomorrow…exhibits are being changed in the exhibit room (the turtles have a new home, the monarchs have arrived)…and a new event is being planned.

The new event is (currently called) Dahlem’s Faerie Fest & Dragon Days, and it is taking place September 22.  The purpose of this event?  To get kids out in the woods and using their imaginations.

The primary focus of this event is building fairy houses…and dragon lairs.  Fairy houses are very “in” right now and are a perfect way to get young children using their imaginations while playing in the woods.  And, as Carrie says, our fairies are currently homeless!

(A homeless fairy waits in the gift shop for someone to build her a new place to live.)

Between now and the day of the event, folks can come in and fill out a claim form and get a claim stake.  The week before the event, participants are encouraged to return and stake their claims where they want to build their houses in one of the five neighborhoods we’ll have set up around the Arboretum.

On Sept. 22, the festivities will be in full swing.  Participants pay $5 per claim and get a bag of tokens.  They go out to their claim site and, using found materials, build a fairy house (or dragon lair).  If there are items they want to use to enhance their structures, they can go to the Faerie House Depot and use their tokens to purchase additional supplies (pods, sticks, bark, flowers, etc.) – a great way to learn about budgeting and apply some math skills.

We also plan to have vendors at this event, as well as some wandering “characters,” like an ogre and possibly even THE Tooth Fairy!  Already we have started making Fairy Doors that folks can take home for the fairies that live there.  (Maybe you can find a couple already installed in the Exhibit Room!)

Flora and her friends (Wisp, Blue and Blossom) hope you will help them and the other homeless fairies at Dahlem have new homes this fall!


About Dahlem Center

The Dahlem Center is a non-profit nature center/environmental education center located on almost 300 acres just south of the city of Jackson, Michigan. The Center is one arm of the Dahlem Conservancy, which includes land conservancy and stewardship in its mission.
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One Response to Helping the “Homeless”

  1. What a fun project! And a great way to get kids enjoying the woods.

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