On the Move!

Just a short while ago, Linda came into our office and said “can you see the bees?  They’ve swarmed.”

Well, what self-respecting naturalist can stay indoors when hearing that?  Carrie and I grabbed our cameras and out we went.

Sure enough, there, in the tulip poplar right off the front walkway, we heard the drone of  hundreds of bees.  Looking up, we saw the swarm.

I wonder if the birds mind the change in the neighborhood?

These are most likely bees from our indoor hive.  We’ve suspected for a while now that a swarm would be happening soon.  The hive was getting full, and queen cells were visible within in the comb.  Before they hatch/emerge, the old queen opts to bugger out of the hive, taking half the staff with her and leaving the rest for any new queen(s) that survive.

So, there they are, hanging out in the tree (they look like a small sloth to me), waiting for scouts to come back with the good news that they’ve found a spot for a new hive.


About Dahlem Center

The Dahlem Center is a non-profit nature center/environmental education center located on almost 300 acres just south of the city of Jackson, Michigan. The Center is one arm of the Dahlem Conservancy, which includes land conservancy and stewardship in its mission.
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