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Visiting the Prairie After the Burn

Last Sunday we burned 16 acres of our prairie.  It was a phenomenal sight, watching all that  vegetation go up in flames. Today I went back out to see what I could see.  Lots of folks wonder why we burn.  … Continue reading

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What’s with the Title?

“Dirt time” is all about getting out there and doing things in nature. It could be searching for amphibians on a rainy night in spring (shameless advertising: Night of the Amphibians is coming up soon at the Dahlem Center – … Continue reading

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First Spring Flowers are Up!

One of the very first flowers to bloom is skunk cabbage (Symplocarpus foetidus).  A member of the Arum Family, it is neither a skunk nor a cabbage. You can find skunk cabbage in damp areas along streams and wetlands.  It … Continue reading

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Hello world!

Welcome to Dahlem’s new blog.  Here we will share with you nifty nature facts, fun outdoor activities you can do with your family, tips for being a responsible steward for your property, and more. You will also get to read … Continue reading

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